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Ianthe prayer Ideas

by Caidox

Message 24 on The Cleric's Board

Time to give the light a bit of love Now some of these ideas are out of the box, so not sure how codeable in current system, but here we go anyways. Spiritlink - The cleric would link themselves with an enemy, so whenever they take damage a portion of that damage is sent back. The cleric would take the full damage of the attack, just the linked enemy would also take damage. Revitilize - A large Hp/sp regen spell, would heal the target for both. Tranquility - High level room heal. Bring on the light baby! Mercy - A . . . finisher. Why not, Ianthe has mercy, even for her enemies. Let them be bathed in your holy light and taken away. Lifelink - Link two friendly units, all damage done to either is split between them. Blindfaith - ok this one is a weird one, but i like the concept. Activated mode, drains mp like crazy, but if you die while its active then you get bumped back up to a specified hp, maybe 10%, maybe 15%. whatever is balanced. I had an idea named blessedhands, just havent had the time to put an ability to the name, so feel free to go ahead and try for me/us Thats what I have for the light for now.

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06:42, Darkday, Denki 9, 179 AD.

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