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Re: Re: prayer alignments

by Icewolfz

Message 26 on The Cleric's Board

all good points, i probably wont be changning how it works right now mostly just getting input on the idea and seeing what others say the only cahgne for sure coming to clerics will be the default god i have come to the choice to make all clerics follow the allfather by default so some time this week or weekend i will be updating it, it should not effect subs, as all i am setting is your deity and you should bebale to change at level 10 if not i will fix it and as i said this will effect retro active clerics, meaning all current clerics that are not following a go will be set to the all father reguardless of level so this will effect prayers the all father is good alignment so if your not good it will make your prayers wrose till realigned but i will set all aligbnmetns to good, but i am posting about the alignmetn so you start learning to keep an eye on it -icey

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