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Death Cleric prayers

by Caidox

Message 29 on The Cleric's Board

Dead (Wo)men walking Soulleech - A curse that does damage to the enemy and heals you for a portion of the damage Soulsiphon - Essentially a high powered feed corpse. Parasites - Infests the enemy with parasites that do minor damage, but when the enemy dies you can loot the parasites and - consume parasite - for health and maybe mana Fleshrot - high level version of rot Boneharvest - Finisher the tears the bones from the enemies body. Deathgrip - finisher that rips the enemies heart from its chest. Soulrend - Brutal single target prayer Blight - An aoe that puts a curse on all enemies and does damage over a period of rounds.

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07:38, Darkday, Denki 9, 179 AD.

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