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Another armor post

by Caidox

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Yes, we are here discussing armor, mostly as it is the single most discussed topic amongst clerics. And if we are talking about something so lame so often, there must be an issue. So I came up with this idea while thinking about other classes and their defense. The idea was born when thinking about rogues, and the fact that the7 get 3.5 per level, yet traditional rogues are looking for leather and light chainmail for armor. Clerics traditionally wore chainmail a lot and some types varied up and down the spectrum so then this idea was born. So basically when you subbed your armor skill would change to reflect the type of cleric you are. Life and knowledge are more of the temple dwelling so it makes sense that they stayed at 1.5(knowledge cleric might need some love to stick with this). All combat orientated clerics would go to about 3.0(maybe 3.5) as they were meant more for chainmail(like rogues) this would be Nature(though nature maybe should be a bit lower) elements, combat and death. And last but not least Protection clerics are all about protecting others and should be allowed the full 5.0 per level(lets face it their prayers suck anyways so throw them a bone) Thats the basics of the idea, I will stop typing so I can see other peoples opinions then I will respond to whatever.

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18:40, Shadowday, Kepki 16, 180 AD.

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