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Re: Another armor post

by Icewolfz

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protection will not get 5.0 skill becuase they have barkskin, stoneskin and ironskin prayers those when cast are just as good as buffer and armor that is part of the rason you dont have such a high skill 2nd is clerics are the only class that can heal, granetd i may push the skill up to 2 or 2.5 max i think the skill was 0.5 to statr i remember bumping it higher i dont mind the idea of the skill linked to main sub but protection would probably be reverse and get the lower # due to as isaid eariler the skin prayers but i add this it would also mean i will be chaning clerics to go clsoer to old ahve and a 4 tier selection like the old wher you havd main/sub at 5, 2nds at 3.5, 3rds at 2.5 and rest at 0.5 or 1 to balance it out so you have to factoer that in too as clerics can heal, and have more prayers then any one else so ther has to be some take has to be a balance act -icey

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