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Re: Misery

by Icewolfz

Message 37 on The Cleric's Board

there are some proposed commands, i rather try and come up with some new oringal ones instead of always basing them on old ones right now ones being looked into are: Blight - an aoe dot. basically everyone in the room would get cursed. Parasites - just like I put on boards. The prayer would add a curse that would damage the enemy continuously every round, and when they died there would be parasites in their inventory the death cleric could eat for hp/mp. and ihave some others but i am not sure what rank they would be like a command that uses blood pools to give you hp/mp bloodstrike - basiclky suck blood from target drip it on the groud leechlife - such life out and give to user (maybe a leechstrike as well) for now blight and parasites are proposed as rank h i may see abotu the otehrs being rank h but i dont know -icey

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19:34, Shadowday, Kepki 16, 180 AD.

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