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more command ideas

by Albel

Message 4 on The Cleric's Board

crevace, elements, k, opens a large crevace in the ground that swallows target(s) and then recloses 'The earth opens up and swallows target' vaccuum, elements, j, sucks the air from around the target making them unable to breathe 'your target bends in agony trying to fill his lungs with air' illusion, protection/ combat, h, creates an illusion of yourself in order to confuse target as to the real one, 'there are now two of you' severe/rot, death, h, disinagrates one of the targest limbs, 'your targets <limb> falls off' holystab, combat, c, stabs the target in the chest like the rogue command increasing chances to bleed 'your faith pierces through your targets chest' confusion, knowledge, f, causes a target to become confused or disoriented almost like becoming too drunk to fight, 'target begins to stumble around as if he doesn't know about gravity' sacrifice, faith, k, cleric sacrifices target to the gods like offering but kills the oppenent. 'the gods except your sacrifice'

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00:00, Lockday, Kepki 17, 180 AD.

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