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Stat-boosting Prayers

by Daihsan

Message 48 on The Cleric's Board

We're considering a change on how Stat-boosting prayers (giantstr, etc.) benefit players. Right now, they are all C-rank prayers and work on a % of the base stat. In my opinion, this provides little bonus to smaller clerics and little bonus to smaller stats. What we are considering, is to change the C-rank prayers to a scaled base # for a bonus on the C-rank prayers to assist the smaller clerics/stats and then to add higher-level stat-boosting prayers (perhaps around the G-rank) that works on %. My opinion is that these two changes will provide a bit of benefit for smaller clerics and a benefit for bigger cleric, which also gives the subbed clerics a bit more colorization by having the specialized %-based stat-boosters where others may not obtain it. So, in this consideration, we need to play 'Name That Prayer'... While we're considering the idea (and implementing it, if we do), help us out by offering ideas for the names of the 6 new prayers (one for each stat). - Dai

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