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Proposal: Cleric Armor Skill

by Daihsan

Message 49 on The Cleric's Board

We are current considering a proposal to change the armor skill for clerics. What we are considering is to allow a small bonus to armor skill based on primary and secondary subs based on how the sub is in combat. We've broken down the subs into 4 classifications: Heavy Combat-oriented (Combat and Protection) Combat-oriented (Death and Elements) Balanced (Nature) Non-combat Oriented (Knowledge and Life) and to each classification, an armor bonus (or penalty) is allocated based on primary sub or secondary sub, as follows: Sub Primary Secondary Combat + 1 + 0.5 Protection + 1 + 0.5 Death + 0.5 None Elements + 0.5 None Nature No bonus / penalty Knowledge - 0.5 None Life - 0.5 None This will give a variation on armor skill for clerics anywhere from 2.0 to a possible 4.0 based on sub-class selection. - Dai

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