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Re: more command ideas

by Icewolfz

Message 5 on The Cleric's Board

crevace - i dont know as this would in rpactice destory the corspe as well and maybe more a finish move, and maybe more nature then elementa as it deals with the surroudning environment vaccuum - this one i see promise, i see it as a more powerfule wind move like the rogue wind and it will weaken the chance of being hit and getting hit more illusion, - this one i dont see to much work it fits more rogue then cleric i think, clerics arent about decieving but follwing there god and doing there bidding severe/rot - already have a rot prayer holystab - this one i dont really like the sound of makes me think of a bladed weapon, but has given me ideas for ither holy type prayers for new ranks (holyarrow, holycatapult, holywarth) confusion - have a simialr prayer already amnesia sacrifice - i cant see this one working on living unless some type of finisher and only based on how strong the target is similar to the fighter finish move

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