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Cleric Subs/Skills (from John)

by Daihsan

Message 51 on The Cleric's Board

For MAIN subs I propose the following. For savants... well... I leave my ideas for the minds of senior clerics and immortals. I am still a 'Little Cleric.' For Combat, a .5 boost to attack and weapons (Favored weapon, a 4.0 in sword) For Elements, a .5 boost to survival (Favored weapon, staff) For Knowledge, a .5 boost to all GENERAL skills. (Favored weapon, Flail?? Not too sure, maybe a .5 boost to blunt, staff, and flail- the cleric BIG THREE, so to speak.) For Nature, a .5 boost to survival and riding (Favored weapon, staff) For Death, a .5 boost to attack and weapons (Favored weapon, POLEARM, the scythe) For Life, a .5 boost to defense and survival (Favored weapon, Staff- like the medical symbol, LOL) For Protection, a .5 boost to armor and defense (Favored weapon, blunt- shields) Secondary (savants) could get a .25 boost maybe?? As for unsubbed clerics, and 1.0 boost to defense. That would help the newbie and low mids SURVIVE a bit easier, and give a nice benefit to those that GENERALIZE. I can see the 'All-Father' wanting his clerics to be protected, but not necessarily violent. (Again, not too sure there. I know before I subbed, I would have loved a bit more 'staying power.')

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05:44, Lockday, Denki 17, 179 AD.

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