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Death Rank I

by Nightshade

Message 54 on The Cleric's Board

Hemorrhage Causes the target to bleed heavily through the eyes. Since I am too lazy to do colors: Naga warrior is afflicted by a hemorrhagic plague. Blood pours down Naga Warrior's face. What makes this different than Plague (rank D) is it causes no initial damage, instead is virulent and can infect other monsters in the room, or that pass through the room. What makes in unlikely to infect the whole mud is the fact that it causes heavy bleeding. No pk abilities (boo icey I would have infected everything and waited for people to die while I giggled) but perhaps players can be carriers, incidentally infect mobs. However due to the bleeding component I do not know how that would work. Perhaps a message to inform the player they are infected, such as: Your blood runs cold. Trying to get some flavour and variety, given death clerics like blood (drinking, minions, bloodskin).

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19:56, Shadowday, Kepki 16, 180 AD.

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