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by Recluse

Message 79 on The Cleric's Board

If you don't know already, the highest rank Phaedrus ability is rank H. I was trying to brainstorm ideas for either combat initiator massive HP single monster commands or multiple monster ones, naturally, the single monster needs to be like 2 combat rounds long and the areal command 3-5 rounds, depending on what it does. Problem is what to call these things, descriptions. Problem is what to call these things, descriptions. I also thought of a new makkairi command, that combines quicken from Phaedrus and the other protections, for a mp and sp premium in exchange for the convenience and scaling up to higher skill levels. It would not be castable on other players. Was thinking that would make a nice level I Phaedrus or Makkairi ability. What do you think ?

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15:24, Shadowday, Kepki 16, 180 AD.

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