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Ranger Command List

by Darwyn

Message 12 on The Fighter Board

Ok, I had said I was going to try and help by working on complete lists of commands for Fighters and all the subclasses. I started with Rangers(Tactics) because it is the sub I know the best. My take on tactics is that not every rank needs new attacks, we are about battlefield dominance and group aid. We will be getting plenty of attacks from the Fighter general abilities and the 2 journeyman subs we pick up. A - Check and Discern. - Low level tactics have always been a sub that you needed to dump xp in to level anyways, so its not a big deal we get no incombat skills to start with. B - Compare and Parry C - Feint and Fallback D - Reverstrike Mock - You mock your current target lowering their defenses. Lasts for x rounds depending on Tactics skill. E - Disarm(hopefully it isnt still a 3 rounder and have a horrible success rate like the old version) Motivate - Improves targets sp rate for X rounds(depending on Tactics skill) F - Exploit - Opener where you study your oponents armor looking for a weakness then attacking that weakness harshly. Corner - You back your opponent into a corner significantly lowering their defense and preventing them from running for X rounds. G - Flashbomb - Blinds all enemies in the room for X rounds. H - Takedown - Knock opponent to the ground for x rounds (rounds could be determing both by tactics and strength) and vicously strike them while they are down. I - Target - Improved aim the ensures the Ranger will strike targeted body part at 90% rate. Counter - A quick 1-2 round attack that deals light to medium damage and interupts any spell/ability that was being attempted if Counter lands. J - Outmaneuver - The Rangers long years of studying battle allows him to manipulate his enemies movements. Here a Ranger outmaneuvers his opponents so they strike each other while the Ranger gets a brutal attack in on an unbalanced foe. K - Rallyingcry - Significantly raises your parties HP and SP regeneration for X rounds. L - Fakeout - very much like the old iteration. Works hand in hand with aim/target hitting that body part nearly everytime. Does massive limb damage. This is my view on how Rangers would fall into place, and as with everything I do I am open to discussion. Whether you agree or disagree. Some abilities could move up or down in the ranks, I also left sp out so that Imms could handle that, as I dont know fully the impact of sp at high levels yet. Again this is just to help the Imms get commands out easier and quicker so we can all enjoy a more fleshed out game. I will work on 2h and dual wield tomorrow as they will be easier than the other 2 subs. Darwyn, Former and Soon to be again Wild Elven Ranger General

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