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Barbarian Sub Commands

by Darwyn

Message 13 on The Fighter Board

So here are my Barbarian suggestions for H through L. I am not touching the A through G to simplify things. H - Shatter - Targets their weapon and attempts to deal large damage to their weapon. I - Intimidate - Barbarian raises its weapon over head in a menacing way attempting to strike fear into the heart(s) of his opponent(s). terror effect. J - Impale - Brutal finisher. Useable once opponent is at a certain percentage. If the attack doesnt actually kill them it will leave a nasty bleed on them. K - Overpower - Forceful attack that cannot be blocked or parried. L - Maim - Brutal attack that targets one of the opponents Limbs(Either arm or leg) Does massive limb damage if it strikes. Medium chance to also numb that limb(dropping weapon or falling to the gdound)

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16:08, Lockday, Kantki 12, 178 AD.

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