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Shield Sub Commands

by Darwyn

Message 14 on The Fighter Board

Shields this time!! H - Smother - Fighter presses his shield in the opponets face trying to smother them and interupt their 'special' attack(either spell or a command) 2 round ability I - Redirect - This is the rank i had a problem coming up with an ability. This idea was to use your mastery of shields and defense to cause a special from an opponent to hit another opponent in the room. J - Lashout - Sort of like parry, you activate it. However while it is active you cannot use any other specials. However you will be actively blocking all attacks incoming and counterattacking each time. K - Shield Slam - You essentially launch yourself into the air slamming your shield down on your opponent. Can do big damage, ring their bell(maybe preventing specials for a couple rounds) maybe knock them down, maybe stun. Could be a random effect of like all of them. l - Juggernaut - an activated mode that greatly increases the chance to block an attack and to greatly reduce the damage any attack would do against you during its activation. Can do specials while its active.

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16:33, Lockday, Kantki 12, 178 AD.

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