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Warrior Sub commands

by Darwyn

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Dual wielding madmen ideas incoming H - Dazzlingstrike - The warrior unleases a dazzling array of strikes. It would hit the enemy for a high amount of attacks but they wouldnt hit for a ton of damage. Altogether the damage would work out to be good for the rank(then add in weaponstrike damage) I Ruthlesskill - A dual wield finisher attack. Like finish would have different messages. ie drive both daggers into the eye sockets. Drive both swords deep into the chest of an opponent. etc. J - Crosscut - Generic dual wield attack that has a high chance of striking the torso. essentially the warrior is attempting to bring his blades in a x fashion and a highly trained warrior will strike the torso hard. k - Rampage - activated mode that causes all dual wield abilities to hit a second time with each weapon. So crosscut would hit the torso 4 times, dazzling strike would hit a ton, but it would come at a steep sp cost(this may end up being unbalanced, I like the name and this was the best effect I could come up with it, feel free to come up with a new effect instead if it cant be balanced) L - Dazzlingbarrage or just Barrage - Like dazzlingstrike but each hit hits much harder. Thats it for dual wielding folks. as usual feel free to comment on anything I post. We/I am always looking for constructive criticism/help. These are meant to help start the process of the new high level commands so please feel free to contribute/comment.

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