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Two-Hander Command Idea

by Paiday

Message 20 on The Fighter Board

Command Knock Down 1, 2, 3 or All You turn your weapon side ways and charge the mob. On impact the following things can happen. 1. your strenght / dex / skill isn't high enough and you are thrown back taking damage and possible getting dizzied. 2. your strength / dex / skill is high enough and you can throw the mob either backwards or to the ground. If going for a MULTI of course opponents would have some combined calculation. As a mob is thrown back it can do the following. fighters, rogues, monks that are thrown back can't execute their special. But mages and clerics will still be able to. If a mob is thrown to the ground none can execute their special plus there is a chance of getting dizzied Damage can happen from a. Impact b. Falling down c. hitting your head on the ground after falling. If the opponent is using evasive tactics like parry, evade or evision, it is possible still for them to get caught on the tips of the weapon and sustain a minor hit. Paiday aka the Prayer [Dragon] Warrior

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13:19, Lockday, Kantki 12, 178 AD.

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