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Fakeout Changes

by Darwyn

Message 34 on The Fighter Board

I have been trying to use Fakeout, and had Kill do a quick test. It is remarkably underwhelming in its current iteration and seems to hit more like a low level ability. I have a proposed change to the ability that I think will bring it in line with other Gs and have it keep the flavor of being a Tactics type ability Proposed change is to bring it back to a single strike. I feel it should hit at about 90% of a typical G's power. However it should have a higher Hit rate, which fits in with the Tactics style. Smarter more sure combat. Trade some power for reliability. I know you like text help Icey so it would look something like this. You prepare to fake your opponent out. Your feint tricks the Goblin Guard and you drive your *weapon* into his *limb* or Goblin Guard sees through your deception and dodges your attack. Your loyal Ranger Commander Darwyn Keogh

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15:57, Shadowday, Denki 6, 182 AD.

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