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Riding Combat Skill

by Daihsan

Message 38 on The Fighter Board

One of the current projects for the class councilors, right now, is to detail what is the weakest subclass/skill in each class, why it is, and how we can fix it. Darwyn has brought up the point that Riding is, by far, the weakest subclass of all fighters based on the point that none of the abilities work without a mount, and mounts are restricted from most areas, which would leave the knight very limited as to where they could go and still perform their special abilities. I completely concur with his assessment. However, the options are very few and far between on what we can do to fix the issues with Riding as a sub. It has been suggested that we drop Riding as a sub and replace it with a different sub. I, personally, feel that this might just be a solution. Then, we can take riding commands, modify them slightly that can be used on or off horse, and increase the effect of fighter abilities if they are mounted, based on Riding skill as a bonus (which everyone can get Riding). For an example.. Charge is a rank C riding ability. By moving it to a rank C Attack command, a player could charge on foot toward the opponent or charge on horse towards the opponent, with a damage bonus based on Riding skill added to Charge if it's mounted. If anyone has any ideas or inputs, please post them. - Dai

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04:30, Vaigday, Kantki 20, 178 AD.

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