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by Redbeard

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I have spent a couple of days pondering if i really want to play this MUD anymore. It was a lot of fun to relive some youthful memories, but I can't expect the MUD to change to suit one man. There will come a time when buffers from the sorceress in the square may become unavailable or throttled back. The way armor does little to nothing to protect limbs makes it a daunting prospect to be in combat, and moreso to be in combat with multiple targets. If a fighter is afraid to stand in a room and fight, then the class is missing the archetype of what a fighter is expected to be in games and literature the world over.. The trouble becomes when HM fighters without buffer and without mages to party with for the sake of buffer are forced to linger in Mid and Newbie areas to grind XP. There will be crowding, and in areas where you hope newcomers would be playing. The frustration may send newcomers elsewhere. As for me, I am not a fan of such uncertainty. It is not your job to adjust fo me. I am just going to stop grinding and log in a lot less. SP regeneration makes it unwise to use the hgher rank attacks, Armor does little to protect your limbs which is the dictionary definition of what armour ought to do, and your skill makes your gear heavier so that you cannot carry the things you now need to regain SP to grind properly. I can't play this game knowing that Buffer will one day go to the wayside. It hits fighters hard, who ought to have the highest strength. I don't even want to imagine what other classes are supposed to do in theses changes. Anyways, that's my two cents. I hope you keep trying. Parrot or Mystica know how to find me off MUD if you need anything from me. I can't imagine what that need would be. But my door is open. Redbeard

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13:24, Lockday, Kantki 12, 178 AD.

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