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Replace it with archery! Some ideas: Frost shot - a shot that deals frost damage, or adds frost damage to an existing shot (if you ahve a holyweapon arrow, the shot would also deal frost damage as an effect) Piercing shot - a shot to pierce armor, bypassing some of the armour of the target, if it hits a hand, chance to drop weapon Crippling shot - like a hamstring, applies a debuff Multi-shot - scaling shot that starts at 2 shots, scales up to 5 shots on its max Power shot - a shot that simply hits harder than a basic shot, but at the cost of more rounds to build up (like 3 instead of 2) Explosive shot - Shoots a shot that explodes into a ball of fire, for room of effect damage Continuing on, not all archery abilities need to be attacks, abilities could be to forage for, and thus make arrows, or repair arrows in the field Fake shot - deke out the monster, and attack with <daggers> instead (would be a weird one to code, as it would auto unwield and wield daggers, then resheath the daggers) all of these abilities would NOT be able to go to the next room, as they require more concentration to use (frost shot for example could be expanded out into other 'strike' TYPE shots, in addition to the arrow itself, does basic shoot damage, plus the arrow, plus the bonus effect)

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