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by Icewolfz

Message 7 on The Fighter Board

not a bad idea, i have notes on a new command call ram, it was idead precrash i think, rank e attack ( may raise the rank) wher you would slam your shoulder into target knocking them backwards to the gruond and i am going to be probaly expanding and makign a ramstrike where it is ram + a hit that is an even higher rank sounds similar to your idea maybe instead of genral as atactics? as you would need to know best way to hit the target to get them to the ground (eg a giant you would want ot hit the leg, but a human you hit torso) but overall i like the name so probaly end up with a command called that, just not sure of rank or what it will do -icey

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14:53, Shadowday, Denki 6, 182 AD.

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