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by Icewolfz

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since removing teleport from the game and making it a newbie only command there have been request about teleprot for mid/hm i figured i would get a basic idea out and ask others for input on possible alts current possible iddea is a scroll like dibalo and simialr rpg gmaes whre you read/open it and it will open a portal that has 1 use or time based now if i do make a scroll it has to have some cons as by the time your mid/hm you shuold know your way around to not need to teleport unless your a mage with the spelsl for it more then lkle the cons would be limb lose on exit (no fatal limbs so only chance ot die is if you ahve really low hp) chace the scroll doesnt work, chance it blows up doing damage to the reader/opener maybe even a cahcne you enter and exit back wher it opend so any ideas or input for a possible teleport alt, as teleport will be a maghe only thing -icey

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16:00, Darkday, Denki 19, 182 AD.

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