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First the selfish request, a sling of some sorts to hang flail type weapons. Most that i have fit in my pack but the ball and chain is waaaayyy heavy. Thanks! Now that i've finished my bull rush to Legend here are some thoughts. 1. Thanks Imms for all the hard work the coding etc. I am having great fun! 2. True power leveling seems rather easy, but it takes tenacity and commitment and a bit of craziness, most of us are more mature then I am :D 3. Shopkeepers, I don't know if there is a good solution, but most shopkeepers give good xp and are easy to kill. Some don't even have specials (actually a lot of high xp mobs don't have specials yet). I would love to see either a 'Guard Guard' system. or just make shopkeepers worth 'zero' or next to 'zero' xp. Or power them up to be worth their xp. 4. Right now for Fighter style mobs, Rogues can easily disarm, even a fairly high lvl fighter can easily disarm and of course Clerics have paralyze. I would like to suggest that the higher fighter style mobs carry a secondary weapon that can't be stolen and is much harder to disarm (not sure if that is possible). As for paralyze I would like for it to be harder for a consecutive paralyze to work (or to work for a shorter and shorter time) 5. We need some more diversity in what we fight. Very few mixed mobs out there, especially in some very popular xping areas like the Goblins or Dwarves. 6. What seemingly is happening on Naga not sure if this is true, the more you kill them, they become aggressive? I think that should happen in more areas. I think you build a rep killing Goblins, they wont just let you walk through the area. 7. A reputation system that is well explained and that can be used to go from good to bad and vice versa. Seemingly killing Naga makes you evil. But even though I also kill the Pirates I don't see my rep change one bit. I know this has been under consideration. 8. This is very subclass specific. I've always been a two-hander fighter and right now I can't use my commands very often. I have an initiator rank E, the two higher up only work on armed mobs. so I'm left with a Rank C after I've initiated and the mob has no weapon. Certainly in the mainstream I have plenty of choices, but it doesn't feel 'barbarian' lol Besides that love being back, keep up the good work, I hope to contribute meaningfully. Paiday a.k.a. the Prayer [Dragon] Warrior

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19:26, Flameday, Praxi 8, 183 AD.

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