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Re: Forge/Blacksmiths

by Icewolfz

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its a good idea, in fact some of ti is already in like dragon armors and there is frost forging in game but i havnt had time to add teh raw ice material to take ot him in theory i plan to allow a frost weapon of each tyoe including shields with rare pops and higher quality frost strikes as for other items and such think of some, the more info i have the quicker ic an add them the hardest part of items is making them sound good, raw #s are easy but the descrioptions are hte hard part you want them unquie and good enough instead of the crappy generic ones i have now ;) upgrading might be possible but again a lot of that is limited to the system there are some loop holes o have creaetd but not sure how well plus you have diahsans custom weapon stuff but wiht him being busy real life that has slowed i dont mind covering some but i tend to go automaded wherei can ;) i might make the dwarf forge and teh guy on paraiah forging allow 'upgrades' to weapons as long as you have the materla granetd there is no way to get raw material right now i can see about maybe upgrading the mines and other locatiosn to can mine gems ot maybe gvie out small ores or something as for leather thast easy enough to just create a survival command to skin a corpse and then upgrad ethe tanner maybe after i finish the update to the web client i will play with adding raw materials in places even if not in use it iwll start support for future ideas -icey

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