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Here is more information on my idea for upgrading items. The current method is to camp at a shop and buy all its gear until what you want pops up randomly. I was hoping to ba able to take an item I already have, either from a shop or treasure and upgrade it to a higher quality. For instance: I have a poor steel sword and after upgrading I would have an ordinary steel sword. I would be able to repeat the process until I had a flawless steel sword. While I would still need to visit shops and search for the item material and type I wanted I would now be able to improve it. While this could be done as a simple addon for NPC blacksmith for a platinum cost, I was thinking of allowing the player the ability to gather resources for the task. This would tie in with the current survival skills and give more reason to use those skills and explore/map new areas for resources. I was thinking of 2-3 resources needed for the upgrade and possible quality grades for each resource. Supporting task: Add skill to blacksmith so they could examine the item and let you knwo what is needed for the upgrade. Optional: Depending on how much info the blcksmith gives may need ask/talk from innkeepers and shop owners to give hints on where to find resources. Fibers - grass, cloth, wood Get them from forage Quality Upgrade: combine 3 or optional crafting skill: weave course fiber fine fiber silky fiber Ores - steel, mithril, firebrass Get them from mining Quality Upgrade: combine 3 or optional crafting skill: smelt rough ore refined ore pure ore Hides - leather, scale Get them from new survival skill: skinning Quality Upgrade: combine 3 or optional crafting skill: tan (--Optional--) Oils - Used in the process with both fibers and ores Get from extract fish/plants/corpses Quality Upgrade: combine 3 or optional crafting skill: distill murky oil clear oil premium oil

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16:49, Darkday, Denki 19, 182 AD.

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