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by Phreak

Message 42 on The Mortal's Idea Board

Flying ships of some sort might be a neat add-on to our existing ship system. Basic ideas: Only move once per heartbeat, but in jumps of multiple coords, i.e. straight from 500,500 to 500,505 or 505,508 (some tuning would be required to make them the fastest ships in the game by a slight margin) Flying ships would be able to move west of the 500 line on the ocean grid, effectively allowing them to cross over land. Landing zones could be added to areas that would be just like docks, but only for airships. Wouldn't have to look special other than something like 'this area looks ideal for landing (or mooring, or whatever.. could always leave them floating 20 feet up and climb a rope ladder up which is basically how ships are run anyway) an airship' .. on the ocean map these landing sites would work just like islands do. Just an idea! - Phreaky

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17:30, Darkday, Denki 19, 182 AD.

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