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by Daihsan

Message 14 on The Mage Board

In the (near) future, each class is going to get a thorough review and possible recoding. Some classes will just get all of the holes filled in for abilities, some will see a slight change in their abilities, and some may even get a new type of class skill. Those variables wont be known until that time. However, what I really need right now, is one person from each class to act as the ears and voice of the class in helping me to figure out what each class needs, what they excel at and what is falling short. If there are enough volunteers or nominations for a class liaison, we'll hold a voting election to decide it. Thank you for your time and attention. Also, only one character per person can be a liaison, this means that you cannot have different alts as other class liaisons. I would also prefer that the liaison be at least HM (the higher the better) and that the character is your primary character (not just an alt).

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