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Spell Review Part 2 Conjuring

by Leaf

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Dark/Light - Useful in a couple of ways, great for being able to see in any enviroment, and a great way to train the conjuring skill. Destroy - Like the idea but never use it. Make - Good beginner creation spell, good for basics. Fabricate - Good medium level, mostly for the weapon summon. Create - Only useful for bags, the fact that you can't pick what armor to summon makes that part generally worthless, at the very least you should be able to specify a given limb. Tripwire - Never used it, can't think of any use for it. Mbroom - Like the idea, but no reason for a seperate command, add it to Make/Fabricate/Create. Seek - Cool idea but very limited. Would be really neat if you could use it to find out where other items are. Like seek 'splintmail gloves' and it tells you want mob has it, or what room it's in. Spikes - Nice group attack spell, suffers from primary issue of it's not as powerful as Flare. Anvil - I LOVE the concept, but as it's an all or nothing spell I rarely use it for it's designed purpose, but combine this with convert and you will never run out of mana. Blades - Seems to miss ALOT and no where near as powerful as lower class spells Suggestions - Maybe a Wall of swords type thing where anyone attacking the castor takes some damage. A wormhole hole, First you create a destination circle, like in the [] or anywhere else. Then if you are in some other location you can create a source hole and anyone in that room could enter the hole and pop up in the destination room. If too powerful you can make it single use so it closes as soon as someone goes through. (this might require skill level in both planes/conj like you create the destination with Conjuring and open the other end with Planes) Create armor <limb/type> - Described above. We should add lassos to Make/Fabricate/Create

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16:44, Vaigday, Denki 15, 182 AD.

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