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Re: RE: Spell Review Conjuring

by Icewolfz

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create, fabricate, make, mbroom are all going ot be combined int oa single command it will be rank b create while each item will instead require differnt amts of skill and this new commadn will allow me ot add new items as time allows for now the plan is just let you do <create list> to list all objects and mark which ones u havet he skill t ocreate for in future it may be more like cantrips where you learn diffent obejcts but for now a simple list of all will work as for the flying carpet/steeds i may add carpets as thast basilcy a broom but for multuple people granetd wuold require some creative thinking to make it work as for teh steed thats not a conjuring thing thats more necro or maybe planes blades ihave ideas how ot improve, i am debating on making it like the new poisoncloud where blades are just in the room and every round or 2 a damage check is done and see if they have sliced people spikes i have notes ot possible 'impale' people where they cant leave the room until thet pull them selves off but deas or suggetions are welceom cant say when or if they will be used but one idea may lead to others -icey

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