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sorcerty idea

by Icewolfz

Message 9 on The Mage Board

Ok a idea to possible make sorcery sub class better or at least easier to think of commands has been submitted. I am asking on the board before i do to much with it as it can be a stretch. Basically allow sorcery mages to use mind magic to do things some example commands: Psidart - You use your psionic abilities to stab at your foes mind. (rank a) Psislam - You are getting more powerful and attempt to SLAM their mind with mental energy. This occasionally will surprise them so much you knock them down. (rank b) Psitoss - You use your mind to toss your enemy, menial damage but will either throw them to the ground or right out of the room (rank c) I see how it fits in some with magic but I figured I would ask and get some mage input on the idea of allow psi type magic for sorcery. -icey

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13:25, Vaigday, Denki 15, 182 AD.

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