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by Nefesthientu

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So, give people more xp if they've got more login time? IE, somebody's alt goes crazy for a few hours and can't get to hm very fast because his xp return sucks, and Blackmage decides to kill a rat after idling in the square for a few years, and suddenly he's level 14? You'd have to eliminate the ability to just idle forever, for one thing, or make idle time not count towards your ratio. Also, scripting would have to be eliminated because that could be abused to make your ratio better artificially, so we'd have to have LAW being an active thing again in order to enforce that. I don't really like that idea all that much. As far as the sorceress goes, I hate hate HATE the way her existence has made having constant magical buffers the standard way of xping. I don't like what it does to balance, but good luck getting people away from it after they've gotten used to it. Now a legend buffer is your inalienable right as a Shadowmudder. Same with expanding the xp chart for levels/stats. It sucks the way it is, but nobody'll stand for having their levels taken away.

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