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There has been some questions recently on the rules. So, this is everyone’s 'Official Notice' of the rules are as follows: ShadowMUD II is still codifying its rules but here are the basic ones: 1. Don't 'steal' other peoples' old character names. 2. Don't swear *excessively*. 3. Don't abuse, harass, anyone. 4. Racism, bigotry, or any kind of intolerance is not tolerated. 5. Multiplaying is *currently* allowed, but not for any beneficial reason ie: scripting combat, please do not login with more than 2 or 3 characters unlessroleplaying. 6. Don't spam *excessively*. 7. Don't script *excessively*. It's fine to have a few triggers or macros but please do not have a script walk around killing things for you, and you must be sitting at the keyboard. 8. No deliberate kill stealing. If somebody is in a room fighting something (or hanging around outside) don't jump in without permission. Basically, the rule is, don't be a jerk. Excessive, as noted above, is 'loosely' defined as when you do something enough that someone else complains. These rules may get more refined as time goes on, but we are attempting to keep a more relaxed atmosphere here. Type <help rules> to refresh your memory anytime your are unsure of the rules. Everyone is responsible for following the rules from this point on. Although we are being very lenient with the rules, for those who insist on breaking them the repercussions may be harsh. Best Regards and Happy Mudding from your Immortals

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13:41, Darkday, Kortki 14, 180 AD.

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