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The grind.

by Caidox

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I just felt It would be better if I put how I felt on the board instead of bringing it up on lines. I have stated these feeling many times in one on one conversations but I want to put my opinions on the board for others to mull over(as I am human and my opinion is neither always right nor always the best way) What seems to be overlooked here is this is a game, mostly for older mudders who like the nostalgia and format. For the most part the old epeen wagging/ego boasting is gone. So having more legends, and a quicker path to legend is not a bad thing(its actually healthy as its easier to make new content when most people are the same level and strength) Now with that said, to me the grind should not be frustrating, annoying or 'complicated'. yes this game is easy, but we know with the amount of xp you need its tedious. Giving all the mobs you need to grind special abilities just makes that tedious activity just frustratingly annoying. When something tedious gets slowed down even more, thats not really a healthy way to get more people to stay and play. if we had LOADS of people logging in and creaming there way to legend, sure lets raise the difficulty. But you have barely anyone playing now, making leveling less fun will just deter the few that are left lingering here. Special cool mobs. Guards. 'boss mobs'. Unique mobs. Named mobs. Should all have abilities. Real high level mobs should have some abilities. But every Joe, Larry and Curly mob having specials seems a bit, over the top. I can think of way better uses of our time than making existing mobs more tedious or extending the time of leveling. Just my opinions, however I am real curious to know how the actual players(the ones you are creating for) honestly feel.

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