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by Kataro

Message 20 on The Adventurer's Bulletin Board

First of all let me start by saying a lot of thanks to Icewolfz for all the work he has put in to make things work really well around here. He does an awesome job, as well as Lox and Ideysus. I just wanted to let you all know my plans as I poke my head in now and then to do stuff. 1) commands... all classes and subclasses will have commands that are a lot of fun to play with and be effective in their own way. 2) There will be an entire world that is unique and fun to play inside. 3) There will be a place for each player to make an impact on the game. That is from owning their own home to controlling an area. I know it is quietish now, but those 3 things will happen. This realm cannot thank Dusk, Icewolfz and Lox enough. K

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02:37, Lockday, Denki 17, 179 AD.

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