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New Statistics Concept

by Daihsan

Message 28 on The Adventurer's Bulletin Board

This is a beginning framework of what I am envisioning the new systems for statistic usage to look like. I have posted this here to garner attention of what may come about, inquire opinions about it, and to keep everyone in the loop in general. I do understand that this will be a monumental undertaking and require lots of things to be recoded to conform to the new system, if it is approved and works. So, given that, if this proposal goes forward, bear with us. Also, before everyone gets up in arms over these changes, if implemented, Icey and I have discussed the possibility of allowing players to reset their stats. The general framework assumes that everything will be based on a primary statistic, a secondary statistic, and perhaps a single skill (if needed). Granted, certain things may require a secondary skill, as well. The sections below give some idea to the vision I have to overhaul this system. Please note that none of these are set in stone or absolutes, but a generalization of the vision and framework to make statistics more unique and try to bring a bit more customization and balance to player characters. HP/SP/MP -------- Hit Points Primary : Constitution Secondary : Strength Stamina Points Primary : ??? Secondary : ??? Magic Points Primary : Intelligence or Wisdom (whichever is higher) Secondary : Charisma Other Considerations -------------------- Encumberance Primary : Strength Secondary : Constitution Learning Languages Primary : Intelligence Secondary : Wisdom Store Prices Primary : Charisma Secondary : Intelligence Special Abilities ----------------- All special abilities will be based on a system that uses a primary statistic, a secondary statistic, and the requisite skill. For example: (and these are only examples and comparisons, not absolutes) Murder( Rogue ) abilities Primary : Dexterity Secondary : Intelligence Streetwise( Rogue ) abilities Primary : Strength Secondary : Dexterity Murder( Rogue ) abilities require precision (Dexterity) and knowledge of anatomy on where to strike (Intelligence). Streetwise( Rogue ) abilities are brutal and powerful (Strength) and need a bit of aim, but less precise (Dexterity). ----- Two-handed( Fighter ) abilities Primary : Strength Secondary : Dexterity Tactics( Fighter ) abilities Primary : Intelligence Secondary : Dexterity Two-handed( Fighter ) abilities require loads of power (Strength) and a bit of aim to hit the opponent (Dexterity). Tactics( Fighter ) abilities require a tactical mind (Intelligence) and precision (Dexterity). ----- Faith( Cleric ) abilities Primary : Wisdom Secondary : Charisma Faith( Cleric ) abilities require an understanding of the divine (Wisdom) and the ability to enforce one's will (Charisma).

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