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just tought of some tings for hte stats help traits c just fought of some things for stats reading old faq it broke down stats differnty then by clas (see help faq) i say for stamina i would suggest dex is a req cong might be ag ood considerration for that as well think thats how it worked precarsh and in several other stand muds/rpgs or maybe dex/wis (which is higher) like with magic as if yuor wise you know how ot move your body better to get the most stamina stores may want odo int/wis (which higher) for 2nds as some times being wis (eg knowing somethign is rare (red bag) is mor wis then int (book smarts)) might help monks some tehre as for abilities might be a good idea to alwyas have the main stat for aclass as factor in some how either as secondary for most (eg int/dex for device) or (int/str for tactcs) granted not required but its something to think of since most players will always aim for that main stat more then antying and with a 2 tier system it might be good to try and always have that if possible to let ehm have the most span of abilites or they may get to speiclized again not set in stone and just idea to try and help -icey

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10:46, Darkday, Kortki 14, 180 AD.

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