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by Icewolfz

Message 38 on The Adventurer's Bulletin Board

I dont think it is a way to weaken clases/combat as the new stuff would also be applied to monsters long goal is to try to make the game more fun and help hit/miss stuff eg the current issue thatr mages have vs dragons ia good example the goal is to try and improve that by an overall simplifing of the system and to try and make diffevernt subclass more flexible this way every rogue is not jus ta super dexy rogue maybe you want a smart dexy rogue which wuodl be agood device rogue, good int you cuold build some cool trap and get peopel or maybe you want ot be a tough rogue and be a thug but aiing to try give subcalss a little differnt stat order it might makethe game more deverse instaed of every class aiming for the same high stats granted thats just my input, wd dont have all teh details down but the idea is to try and balance andm ake the game mroe fun and not weaken/nerf thignsd eg try and get you to stay in teh room more with out havign to run and wait for things to stop -icey

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