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I have updated the addme command to be more useful for my purposes. 'help addme' - to see syntax I have been systematically updating all areas of mainland starting in Kieron and moving outward. If you are out and about exploring any of the following areas please note anything you find missing and use the 'addme' command. Item descriptions may or may not be present in all rooms, you do not need to addme for item descriptions, just for missing monsters, objects, signs, searchable things, or anything else you think is missing. Thanks for your help in recoding Caspia. The following areas have been updated: Kieron (including all areas associated with Kieron, except newbie forest past troll bridge), Northern plains, Westlands, Mountains, Marshes, Valley of mist (northern pass), Farmlands. New areas will be added as completed. Lox ADD daemon grove to the list of updated areas to explore ADD northern forest to the list ADDED the newbie forest (kieron forest past bratty troll) and fishing village 4-22-09 ADDED goblin caves 4-25-09 please check out he new areas and continue to use the <addme> command, Thanks :) ADDED undead area and golem pass through shadow mountains 12-31-09 SIVA still needs some fixes but the major updates are done, check out the new siva valley :) ADDED southern forest (south of siva valley)

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14:06, Darkday, Kortki 14, 180 AD.

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