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Class Councilors

by Daihsan

Message 41 on The Adventurer's Bulletin Board

I have recreated the idea for each class to have a 'Class Councilor' who will sit on a special council to help the immortals with things on the player side. So far, Clerics (Nightshade), Mages (Ra), and Rogues (Lynxo) have been selected and accepted to sit on that council. Councilors will receive a special Councilor pretitle and access to the Councilor's area (when it's completed). The Council will become an advice panel, ability testers, and tons of other things to help the administration and the players find a mutual ground to help make this mud fun, enjoyable and the best yet. Congratulations, again, to the three selected for their class. - Dai

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12:29, Darkday, Kortki 14, 180 AD.

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