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Proposed Skill Rank Changes

by Daihsan

Message 42 on The Adventurer's Bulletin Board

We're proposing changing the number of skill ranks from 12 (L rank) to 10 (J rank). Currently, most ranks for primary fall on the 10th rank point: A (1), B (5), C (10), D (20), E (30), F (40), G (50) H (60), I (70), J (80), K (90), L (100) What we are proposing looks more like this: A (1), B (5), C (10), D (20), E (30), F (45) G (60), H (75), I (90), J (99) This does mean that some commands that exist will be removed. However, those abilities and commands that are popular and widely used can easily be re-ranked and fit into the spectrum. The only real difference in the system will be that there are less per number abilities, but players won't be robbed of getting higher level abilities. They will just be spanned out a little more to cut down on redundancy, repetition, etc. This is an attempted proposition to streamline classes, give the players what they need (and sometimes want), without a lot of filler to insure everything has a rank. By having a few fewer abilities, we can focus more on the quality and need of each skill/class. Also, as a reminder, few ranks does not mean fewer abilities in the long run as we can have more than one of each rank (ie, 3 rank E abilities of specific skill). - Dai

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