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Hit Point Formulas

by Daihsan

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I have found a suitable and, what I feel to be balanced, system for calculating new hit point totals. Current, the existing hit point values are based on: An initial hitpoint base at 1st level based on class, and then each time a player levels, they get a small fixed amount based on class, plus each stat point (for Strength, Dexterity and Constitution) is awarded a small fixed amount per point. The formula I've been working on differs from that. My system utilizes a diminishing returns value based on the stats of Constitution and Strength which is then added to a fixed value based on class. That equation yields a 'per level' hit point value which is then multiplied by level. What this means is that you get your stat bonuses for hit points at every level instead of a fixed amount per stat point. With the diminishing returns, however, before everyone screams 'NERF', let me explain it. A player with an 8 Constitution who increased Con to 9 would find a higher % increase ( for example, increasing the hit point bonus from 4 to 5 - a 25% increase ) than a character increasing Constiution from 50 to 51 ( which might be an increase of 30 to 31 - slightly over a 3% increase ). Take careful note that in the example, the 51 Constitution is still giving 31 compared to 5 for bonus. [Please note that this is only an example] What this system will allow is a bit more flexible balancing for stats. Some people will still raise Con to the ceiling (which they will be rewarded for the higher stats) but it will still give those who balance their stats ( such as rogues, monks, clerics, mages, etc who need other stats) some hit point value. Also, the current system ranks classes for hit point bonus (in order, Fighters, Rogues, Monks, Mages, Clerics ), my system will also rank classes as (in order, Fighters, Monks/Rogues/Clerics, Mages). Just to keep everyone in the loop... - Dai

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13:21, Darkday, Kortki 14, 180 AD.

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