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by Daihsan

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I appreciate all of the good input from all of those who have submitted questions, comments and ideas about the class stats idea. Having said that, I feel the necessity of explaining one small issue. One of the primary reasons of getting input on what stats are applicable to what class is concerning the stat caps/cost. For example, while, yes, Dexterity should always be a rogue's best friend (and thus the biggest bonus on the cap cost), the question becomes 'How do we rank the rest of the stats for the cap cost?' I share the opinion of some that we need to maintain the integrity of the class/stat wheel - Fighters (Str), Mages (Int), Rogues (Dex), Clerics (Cha), Monks (Wis) with Con being the center of the wheel. Given that, I also feel that the primary stat for every class should be the most beneficial to raise (no more than 2-3 on stat cap). However, it does lead us to a problem. If we do, in fact, specify each sub having a secondary favored stat (which should be given a bonus on stat cap), how specifically should we handle that? I know for a fact that it isn't probable to just give everyone in the class the stat cap bonus for every stat that could be used. In the same token, I also can't foresee an idea of adjusting stat caps once a player subs (because the ideal set would be to have higher stat caps in all non-primary stats [the other 5], and then adjust them at subclass... which if you don't sub, it isn't quite balanced for them either). A primary concern with the new ways that stats are going to be handled is the stat cap system. With this in mind, I'm asking for some more input on how we can address this issue, and also, I ask that those who do wish to offer opinion, to rank stats in three groups in each class. As an example: Fighters: Most needed (Str, Con), Average needed (Dex, Int), Least needed (Wis, Cha) [This is only an example] - Dai

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