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Mages most important stats are INT/WIS. CHAR/DEX may factor in for a second pairing followed by CON/STR. Though I still argue that charisma should have no bearing on how well a spell hits or casts successfully, but might have some bearing on monsters auto attacking, prices at shops etc. I agree with Koret that if you attempt to change they way stats are handled, you need to take racial stat bonuses into account. My biggest fear is that because it is a complex system that you will simply break it and end up nerfing the hell out of everyone. My ideal system would allow for complete flexibility to build the type of character I want and not be forced into character builds/choices based on what stats are tied to a certain subclass. In the end there will be subclasses that are useless. I believe you should look at making the system simpler and less complex rather than the other way around, which I believe you are trying to do if you want to have certain stats tied to certain subclasses. In theory, this seems like it would work with some classes, like rogues. An acrobat would favor certain stats over maybe a thug. But a mage, no matter which subclass we choose will still favor INT/WIS over all else. Reasons such as this make your current set of ideas for stats and subclasses unbalanced and unworkable in the current state. I am unsure how to really get to what would be an ideal system without tearing it down and completely rebuilding it. Hes.

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