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by Darwyn

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So I like the general premise of a stat overhaul. From Ihsan's original ideas, to other peoples concerns here is that I see as a pretty balanced viable solution. 1. Do as stated, redo stats. Adjust their values according to hp/sp/mp and skills. 2. You can set the different secondaries to different subs with the inclusion of my final suggestion. BUT if that is done it needs to be listed in the help files of every sub. And just listed, not some cryptic message in a vague description. 3. And my suggestion, remove the silly stat cap costs and the unnecssary complication. Figure out how many stat points on average a player gets on the way to 100. Or what you would like them to get, divide by 100 and grant them that many stats per level. If it is 200 then 2 per level. 300 then 3 per level, etc. This way a player gets the base stats for their race then they get to completly customize their character based on the sub they want to play, based on their playstyle. Do they want to stack certain stats, do they want to balance it out. You can still put maximums in place, but this would allow the freedom of moving some of those secondary points around without worrying about what race they picked(and stat cap restrictions). This should allow for you to look at your whole system and get a better grasp on where you want it long term AND still allow players to feel like they are in control of their character and can customize it the way they see fit. Darwyn

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10:52, Darkday, Kortki 14, 180 AD.

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