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by Daihsan

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Outside of the possible coding nightmare that it could cause... I think it's a great idea. As for people wanting to power-load a stat, right now a wild elf rogue, ogre fighter, a gnome mage or a nymph cleric could add 4 to their primary stat each level. Letting them add 2 points to that stat isn't gamebreaking. Looking at a balanced stat progression ( 2 pts - 6pts on cap ), an average stat would be 4 pts and given 8 cap points to level would give 2 stat increases per level. This would give a player 198 stat points at legend. If the code will allow it, I also think a more viable solution would be to do 2 stats per level from levels 2 to 50 ( 98 stat points ) and then 3 stats per level from 51 to 100 ( 150 stat points ) which would total 248 stat points... this should give a player the ability to fully maximize two stats and have a few points left over. If the player wanted to balance all stats, however, this would still give them around a 50-60 average across the board. All in all, if it's doable, I think this would be a very great addition to the plans for the stat system. It is still limited (with a set # of stats per level and having stat maximums) but still a ton more expansive than the restrictive stats we had precrash. Also, another limiting factor that we could explore is the stat maximum itself. Taking into consideration the class/stat wheel, only that class could reach the highest of those stats. For example, a cleric could reach 100 charisma (based on race), but a fighter could only have a maximum of 85. Just an idea. - Dai

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