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Overall stats are a chaotic mess. Ultimately the final numbers do not mean much. It is the way they scale. A more restrictive weighting system with diminishing returns makes far more sense than completely rebuilding the system. Unless of course you WANT to rebuild the system. With this type of change however some major things I feel that should be addressed: Mages and clerics should get FAR less damage reduction from dexterity than say a rogue or monk. It only makes sense as they are using faith and intelligence moreso than physical ability. In these cases buffer/ironskin/armor should be there primary form of physical damage reduction. Fighters should be all about parrying and just eating the hits, with armor reduction. Monks and rogues dex should give better damage reduction as (in theory, I have many issues with the current armor system) they should be simply using gimps and trying to avoid being hit at all.

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