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Note on Player-built Houses

by Daihsan

Message 60 on The Adventurer's Bulletin Board

For anyone that submits descriptions and plans for a player-built house, please take notice. For every room that you submit, include a *full* room description, a *full* list of 'exa items', a *full* description for each item, and if wanted, the general sound and smell in the room. Also, make sure that your vision and design lines up correctly when it comes to exits, and that it will align to a grid. If you wish to list the exits in the room descriptions, that is helpful, but not required. Understand that the more the coding immy who is doing the house has to decipher and design on his/her own, the time is increased dramatically. For example... If a given 'description' is 'This room has an X, a Y and a Z', and a partial description is for X, Y, and Z as exa-items... That room is going to take considerably longer as the immy is going to actually have to describe the room in better detail. If the housing stuff gets popular (more than 3 people wanting a house), there are plans of building a real estate office in Kieron that will offer guidelines and special options to help in designing a dream home. However, I do want to make it clear, that if everyone wants a house, they really need to describe it in the most absolute detail possible. It makes it quicker and easier for me, you get the house you want, and you get it quickly. On that note, my feeling is that houses benefit one person. If a project comes up, that I can do quicker and easier and get it implemented, that benefits the game as a whole or a larger group of people, that project will take precedence. Again, if the house is mostly detailed, it makes it dramatically quicker to get it done, placed and linked to the game world. and prior to anyone getting upset or irritated or offended by this post, let me explain that these houses were my idea to add depthness and richness to the game, to encourage a sense that a character is more than just a list of skills and abilities, and for something people can spend money on (since there isn't a lot of that after a boat). Houses are completely optional, as is my decision to code them. In that, help me to help you -- Give full descriptions for the rooms, and be patient. - Dai

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12:51, Darkday, Kortki 14, 180 AD.

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