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Re: New Areas

by Syco

Message 7 on The Adventurer's Bulletin Board

One caution about adding new areas. I have wandered a variety of muds in the 'time between the shadows' and seen that more areas and more space is not always a good thing. I saw a mud with huge spaces, but a small player base. It made for a lonely mudding experience, which is not why most of us are here I would bet. New areas, sure. But lets fill them in, both in player count and in the fun details like deeds and quests and hidden little things. Players, please use the idea command as recommended in earlier posts. This is our mud, graciously reborn. It is not the old shadow, and never will be. Let's make it better. The immi's are doing great, I saw that tonight. But, they're only human. Let's fill their idea logs, and bug logs, and addme logs, so that they're begging for help from the experienced player base. The more we are involved, the more they get feedback, the more that their hard work is validated, the more they likely will stay, and we avoid the problems of the past. Onward, onward. We dream, they build. They dream, we use it. We all win. Ah, good to be back. Syco **

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16:03, Darkday, Kortki 14, 180 AD.

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